“Talking with her about obsessions and anxieties has been extremely useful and given me confidence facing problems”

“I could not have been better looked after during this time”


“Dr. Rathod has not only been a lifeline by recognizing, identifying and treating my condition with the correct medication, but furthermore she has been an excellent mediator when discussing issues with my wife”

“I found a listening, empathetic ear most helpful…”

“At one point it was difficult to see a way forward but with her (Dr Rathod’s) guidance we found a way and I’m now on the road to full recovery”

“The quality of care and compassion is quite remarkable…”

“Everything has been responded to so quickly…”

“She is undoubtedly a gifted physician and I consider myself most fortunate to now be under her care.”

“…a massive thank you… for having patience and not giving up on me when others did”