Public Speaking & Online Education

Public Speaking

Prof. Rathod is regularly invited as keynote speaker at national and international events.

She has spoken around the world on topics including:

  • Global Mental Health
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Cultural Adaptations
  • Interventions and Pathways of Care in Mental Health
  • Mental Wellbeing and Resilience and many others

Corporate Wellbeing

With the growing global emphasis on employee wellbeing, many corporate organisations are aiming to support the workforce through engagement and education. As such Prof. Rathod has been invited to engage employers and employees on the importance of Mental wellbeing in the workplace to improve productivity and support the workforce.

Online Education

Prof. Rathod is an online educator through her YouTube channel @videosbyshanaya . The channel aims to empower individuals with free evidence based information to manage their mental wellbeing and their emotional health.

Each week she releases a new video to develop a library spanning different topics with top tips on how to recognise, and manage the effects of each.